Tuesday, June 14, 2016

guns all over the place::: make your mark: creative rather than))))

the time we are 
living in calls on the deepest calling-- down into the core of us. 
 we are needing to go to the core of things. been around several times around the world
what a process, layer upon layer of learning the human condition. 

I lived in london among many arab friends, I have had love that is female & love that comes from males.  I see them as different as traveling the ocean or mountains.  I see this life as a learning platform. 

I have been around the world & see in dictatorships- the net- the pharmaceuticals, the sugar companies, the porn industry, the biting of religions, the media dance-- the hold shadow game---

move me away from it-- let me pour into the change-- let us all open our creative channel so sharing & SPEAK LOVE< PAINT UNDERSTANDING_ stand in solidarity against greed.

each of us working through our addictions, our weaknesses--Filling the space with compassion, new conversations with new understanding. 

I will join the ones who are mapping star light to the place where heave meets eARTh-- where we look into each others eyes & see that love is the core of things-- still we are trapped in a web-- the addictions run deep-- the understanding of time is that it is precious-- that we have to move forward from this moment-- knowing that vengeance is not the way-- it is never the way-- 

it feels good-- to paw out your truth-- like here in writing-- feel what you need but lets trace the money and trace those holding us-- unwell yourself-- get back to the roots my friends-- let us find forgiveness in our family line & those who have done us wrong-- take care of the body temple-- the raw organic way-- clean the mind of colorings, phara, do service for each other each and everyday-- be kind-- we are all the victims of each other, also the healers of each other & yourself... myself-- go deep into our compassion-- widen our action towards being stronger,clearer, wiser::: I am calling on all my sisters & brothers around this globe that we stand in solidarity.  Every moment we our either adding to the creative or destructive force.

every moment you have a choice.

sometimes we all make turns that are not so great-- that is okay-- the course is rigged-- still we can make it.  I believe in us.  I believe in making our mark-- lighting candles-- changing laws--busting the system of terror-- and moving towards a deeper nectar-- we are starving for for soul-- so nurture that space within-- breath in the truth within the truth.

love to all life.