Saturday, May 28, 2016

stand tall and face yourself

I woke up full of rage.  Feeling the injustice towards the women of this eARTh...

I know there is injustice to all beings, all life.  there is greed motivating it all as an undercurrent-- there are the wounds we all wear-- women, men-- all of us here on the human eARTh plan-- and all the extinction-- wiping out the innocent yet fierce wild cats of this world --

when we are down to less than 5000 tigers in the world and maybe even less wild women with a voice-- then how are we not to see the man as a hunter?

There is a deep desire in me live in peace, harmony & love.  I think most of us feel that so we do the best we can to make it so. ..  even if that means suppressing our truths to smile pretty.

and smiling pretty has a high cost:

1. The revenue of the U.S. cosmetic industry is estimated to amount to about 62.46 billion U.S. dollars in 2016.

2. Then all the chemicals we put in our body for those beauty fixes:

Indeed, inside all those gleaming bottles and tubes we take for granted lurks a cocktail of dangerous synthetic chemicals that research suggests may be responsible for everything from reproductive complications to allergies and cancer. 
In her new book, Toxic Beauty, investigative journalist DAWN MELLOWSHIP takes a look at what's really in our cosmetics. ..

3. the lost of our nature, the beauty of being-- who we are-- that birth right lost to push to be cyborgs-- to wear masks, to fit in to molds we where meant to break.

-- not that I am saying let go in a way that is unhealthy... treat your body like a temple-- it fucking is... all life is made through our bodies-- yet we get treated with so little respect, a few are adorned, there is love and there is joy in playing with outter beauty.  I am not against it in healthy ways... I am not against it in a balanced world--so let's get back to bring that balance.

i have been on this life long journey of finding out what it means to be human, as we all have, the things I find have awed me, and the injustice -- is so wide spread:::

we are all walking wounded.

admit it. feel it. wash it clean.

come on join me in washing out the depths of your deepest darkest sore spots.

where is your heART broken and your soul torn?

i have been broken by war, raised by a single mother fighting against poverty and dis-ease...

of being left broken my a man who would rather have anything but the woman who bared his children--

a epidemic of men who do not honor the mother and seek the whore--

leaving the house wife and mothers longing for love, crying at night.
just like the whore- lonely and dreaming of love.  until we do not anymore... until almost all hope is lost-- like it is now- almost all over the world.

yes there are a few good men, a few great men,

there are many with great intentions-- but lost to the wounds and the ways of the world that teach them for eons that women are put on eARTh to serve them, look pretty like blow up dolls do...

and then the sweet docile ones--

knowing injustice is taking place and just sitting back and benefiting by default.

your silence is not welcome, or tolerated anymore-- it is not good enough to be good enough without helping your brothers rise in consciousness-- you are your actions NOT your intentions.

i benefit from being white-- by dealt-- i know it-- i understand the system and the ranking and i activity live the change to acknowledge this-- to speak it-- to change it actively .

I know several men in this realm of self declared healers that do sexual 'healing' work on women...
they speak to the noble cause and purity, yet if a older woman or a 'not so hot' women is on the table the sexual work is off the table-- so all the fucking justifications they have are bullshit.

I will no longer tolerate the intolerable.

I fucking would lead an army in this moment-- but you cannot destroy the masters house with the masters tools.

so we have to be wiser, see the birds eye view, find our way out of this maze of inequality. ...

because all of us want love and loving and joy and all the sweet stuff--

yet if we do not face the bitter stuff then we fucking rote and stink and invest others with our mess.

so clean up. clean the fuck up.

as within so without.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bring to Life the Master Piece within. An Ode to Ernst Fuchs))))*

Today there is a show going on in Vienna in district 10:10-- It was there I spent one of the favorite moments of my life.

I felt like a child whose dreams where realized.  I wanted to grow up and be just like this.  I was in love with art the way one should be: deeply & completely.

To see Ernst Fuchs Villa, to watch him paint christ deep into the night.  I watch the magic of creation flowing like nigra falls from a man whose body was frail and worn so that you may think only a trickle of creation would find its way through his tired and worn views-- rather the rushing continued to plus from him in a way that there is no question that the spirit of creation was so alive in this man that he may have been a five year old boy or a teenager in love for the first time.

it was a perfect reflection of life in its wholeness- not just one range of the spectrum but as close to the whole thing as I have ever found: celebrated was the perverse and the profound, that of this world and that of the next and another beyond that.

There where hyper colors, stained glass, molded gold, humble pencil:: every medium had ben explored, every truth had been turned on its side like rocks turned looking for that one hidden key-- that one truth he was born to share.

What a profound and power-filled artist.

I strive each day to live more and more, to stretch further in the spectrum of our understandings.

Splash color across everything...

This is an ode to all beings brave enough to illustrate the profound workings of creativity.

With special thanks to Amanda Sage for inviting us into the realm where surrealism and the 3-d world become one.  If you are in Vienna you must make your way to this epicenter of bold brilliance.

May you be so inspired as to create until your last breath as Fuchs was....  long live the eternal.

As Above so Below...

I dive deep into the ocean.  I feel her pulling me deeper & deeper.  There is this fear of losing breath -- that gets lost... to the preciousness of those silver bubbles leaving your lips... I watch them rise, to look up towards the sun from deep under the sea is truly one of the most amazing gifts of all time. 

During this shoot we where off the cost of Mexico.  There where 500 of these amazing sculptures.  Each one truly had a life of its own< yet only open had parted lips: waiting for air she came alive, literally in front of my lens I watched her take on life. 

It was breath taking. 

Now I am inspired to build more of these sculpture gardens on the island I leave.  They are an incredible thing...

amazing really.

They help restore the coral reefs...

if any of you reading this would like to get involved in this project with me feel free to reach out.

Team work makes the dream work;)

& these living dreams they are coming true for reals... shooting stars & venus aglow in the dessert sky...

savor mystic magic.

always & all ways.

To learn more about the project please enjoy this:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

From the Heart of the EARTh

Then there is the embodiment of something much deeper & greater: the wise woman who runs wild in the night, finding nature within, adored with the all seeing eye.  Her heART lined with eyes, for we see everything through the magnetic fields:

A fascinating synthesis of ancient wisdom, modern medicine, scientific research, and personal experiences that proves that the human heart, not the brain, holds the secrets that link body, mind, and spirit.
You know that the heart loves and feels, but did you know that the heart also thinks, remembers, communicates with other hearts, helps regulate immunity, and contains stored information that continually pulses through your body?

Maria was standing deep in the middle of Salt Minds outside of Bogota.  We had been working on the painting of her body all day and then traveled into the mountains and deep into the center of the eARTh.  In the middle of the darkness I see all these people walking into the frame of the picture.  I wanted to stop and stare but instead I continued shooting.  Then I realized it was a tour of nuns and they where for the most part horrified.  It was a test of faith.  How to love your naked sisters, how does the spirit move through each of these women.  Where is the balance & the embracing of the holly woman who is also visceral...

I am here to expose that space-- that knowing that both are truth, both are within you, within me, within the nuns and the painted ones.

May you be free to embrace the ripening of life.  Free to live as any and every woman.

Go then to the edge of reality, There to suspend belief, 
Enter into the realm of spirit, As above then so beneath.

Disregard all conventions, Contempt for all taboo, Nothing should cause a turn of head, 
When it comes from you.
See beyond the simple flesh, Til there nothing is hidden, 

pen your ears to deepest secrets, 

Let truths emerge unbidden.

Ignore your given genitalia, Forget your gender role, Both exist deep inside you, 
Entwined within your soul.
Where the man will be a woman, The woman will be a man, 
Therein, a path to liberation, Beyond any wildest dreams, Grab that freedom as a gift, 
For life is never what it seems.we are living in a world of paradox.  there is so much strength moving against the tides of weakness.  So much lust disguised as love. 
 So many desires unfold as we strive for outer perfection.