Thursday, November 22, 2018

I hope this finds you safe and well, in these most intense times. We have been amplifying our purpose in a world where artists need to be able to create on a scale larger than those who are destroying everything we hold sacred: namely freedom.

Please, will you join me in helping build a world with ever more awareness...
I love making art yet I feel the only way art loses its ego is when art is paired with purpose.
Therein, I came together with a global team with righteous integrity & prolific compassion.
Together we have formed
Rise Of The Butterfly
 a non-profit that brings awareness and funding to those recovering from human trafficking. There is no greater honor in this life than to be an abolitionist, a freedom fighter. At
Rise Of The Butterfly we are not simply asking for charity we are offering collectible & wearable art. We are looking to form win-win situations and want to encourage you and your process of rising and transforming your own existence...
If you are able to treat yourself with a magnificent inspiration or are looking for unique gifts in the season ahead, we hope you will consider exploring the collection below and see what inspires you...

We Are Stronger Together.

This 30 second video says it better than I can in words, hence the power of art.

"Rise of the Butterfly brings us art and purpose.
What can be better than that?"

- Gloria Steinem


A word from Matthew Eversten the Creative Director at Moondog Productions:

"I knew immediately after being introduced to Layla Love and her work with Rise of the Butterfly that I wanted to help. Having the opportunity, working alongside Pete Kasko, Suz Grossman and Jess Miller at Moondog, we were honored to support in collaborating Layla with a video installation piece that captured the gravitas needed in bringing everyone’s attention to this necessary cause."  -Matthew Eversten

Virtual Tour Of Our Art Show In Chelsea, NY.

If you would like to revisit the art show you can do so on google maps by clicking here. 

Upcoming New York Showcases:
The Hueb Gallery, NYC

Layla has been invited to exhibit her work at New York's exquisite Hueb Gallery for the second time.
Come celebrate with us on December 6th, 6pm - 8pm.

December 3rd to December 10th, 10am to 6pm daily.

717 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10065
T: 212.776.4960


Gallery MC, NYC

December 7th to December 25th, 12pm to 6pm daily.

549 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019
T: 212.581-1966


Collect Love's Art...

For Your Enjoyment
& To Support Our Mission

This is the first time we are reaching out to you since the Chelsea show, so we thought it would be nice to offer these discount codes. We still guarantee impeccable quality and precision with certificates of authenticity and professional delivery.

Here are the holiday discount codes below:


If you would like to schedule a call with Anthony Haden-Guest to further discuss collecting my art please email

New Collaboration

Artist Layla Love has collaborated with the renowned Jewelry designer, Kanarek NYC,
to produce this namesake necklace to raise awareness of sex trafficking and slavery and help generate funds for
Rise of the Butterfly.

This exquisite necklace...

 Order it Here...

 Like Ali taught me: "you have to fight for what you believe in, like your life depends on it, because it does."

Thank you to the Ali family for believing in our mission through collecting and spreading awareness for Rising Of The Butterfly.

Here is Laila Ali pictured with a small version eARTh Angel Rising, which she then collected in a larger size...

You Too Can Create a Customized Order.
We are pleased to customize a personal order for you. Our team is here to collaborate with you to create a one of a kind, unique piece tailored especially for you. If you have ideas, questions, or want to experiment with a print, please contact us at

Works Currently On Display

Executive Curator, Anthony Haden-Guest 
Mr. Haden-Guest would be happy to personally evaluate the art you are contemplating buying. To have him speak with you directly please contact

Moondog Studio -
48 W 25th Street, New York, NY 10010
Viewing Monday - Friday  10am - 5pm

Tracie Martyn -
101 5th Avenue, 11th Floor, New York, NY 10003
Viewing available 9am - 7:30pm daily

The National Organization of Women -
150 W 28th Street Studio #304
Viewing available Monday - Friday 10am-5pm

Kourish Mahboubian Fine Art -
100 Bank Street, New York, NY 10014
Viewing available by appointment only
212 844 9860

Curry Glassel -
Houston, TX 00000
Viewing by appointment only

What To Expect In The Year Ahead...

Recognized By the World Dignity  Forum

Layla Love is honored to have been chosen as the featured artist at the Upcoming World Dignity Forum, a gathering of luminaries and world leaders, at the Taj Hotel, New Delhi, India. Love will be one of the global solutionaries featured...

Tracking Rise to its roots...


Rise of the Butterfly is a non-profit founded by award-winning photographer, Layla Love who is mentored by our beloved Gloria Steinem, who has dedicated her life to helping women and girls. In Love's case, she had the humbling moment in Steinem's living room, where she was encouraged to pair her art with her purpose and so the concept of Rise of the Butterfly was born, and now, three years later we are approaching our second year. I am looking forward to pioneering ways to raise even more awareness solutions and compassion for those enduring the worst of all bondage, may we continue to Rise until all life is free. There is strength in numbers, thank you for joining our mission...*

Become a producer, collect art or donate now to support freedom

For an appointment with our finance specialist email:

Here Is Our Feature On Trinity: 
Rise Of The Butterfly Currently Partners with 8 Non-profits,

Finding Sustainable Solutions
to Eradicate Human Trafficking

"Trinity and Rise of the Butterfly together are dedicated to supporting each other’s vision.  We are partnering to use Layla Love's captivating art to raise awareness and provide financial aid to those recovering from human trafficking. Part of the proceeds used in the purchase of Layla’s beautiful and meaningful art will benefit Trinity and those abused by traffickers who desperately need funds."
The Trinity Human Rights Group is a nonprofit dedicated to partnering with organizations, such as Rise of the Butterfly, to identify viable solutions to eradicate human trafficking, halt the escalating impact of climate change has on slave labor and offer probono legal services to survivors. Trinity’s Founder and President, Connie Huntsman, is a practicing attorney and was a global Program Manager at the United Nations Development Group to streamline service operations worldwide between the four key UN agencies: UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA and WFP. She has held over 50 public speaking engagements on the topic.
By Connie Huntsman, Esq.
President, Trinity Human Rights Group

Continue Reading 

What Would Helping Survivors Look Like?

You would never know it, but one of these four women is a survivor. She exemplifies transformation and why it's imperative to stand up and act now!
To me, the butterfly is the quintessential example of Metamorphosis. The complete transformation is when a caterpillar emerges from its cocoon as a beautiful butterfly, ready to spread its glorious wings and fly. It's amazing to think how women who have been through such horrific ordeals can emerge and not only survive but thrive!  by focusing on the light, the Divine and gathering their inner strength.

We would love to include you in this journey, please feel free to contact us if you would like to get involved:

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